Welcome to Kokoro Judo Coaching - Penrith.

Founded in 2011 by two-time Olympian Jean Claude Raphael and his wife Marlene, Kokoro Judo Coaching offers the opportunity to learn an Olympic sport from a world class athlete and experienced technician right here in Penrith.

At Kokoro Judo Coaching we provide high quality coaching for adults and children in a clean, friendly environment – we are an ego free school!

If you’re bored of the gym, not getting results from your current workouts or just want to learn a fun, all round sport with some impressive throws, then Kokoro Judo Coaching is for you.

We build confidence, we build fitness and we build community. Come and meet like-minded people from your neighbourhood, make new friends with sweat, camaraderie and laughs!

Train with us to get fit, strong and transform your mind and your body.


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What is Judo

Judo is a dynamic Olympic sport, which originated in Japan that develops self-defence skills in addition to sporting skills.

It is an unarmed combat sport where opponents compete against each other by attempting to throw from a standing position to the ground or when on the ground, it includes techniques that allow you to pin your opponents down to the ground and control them.

Judo consists of throwing and grappling techniques to suit all shapes and sizes.

Judo does NOT:
Involve kicking, punching, or striking
Involve the application of pressure against the joints to throw an opponent
Involve equipment or weapons

The benefits of judo are numerous. Apart from having a lot of fun and meeting people, the practice of judo develops confidence, coordination and balance, explosive power, agility, falling skills, efficiency of movement, self-defense skills and endurance. It is the perfect activity for improving one’s physical fitness, as training in judo improves aerobic capacity, flexibility and strength, and is an excellent activity to complement other sports.


As a Judo student, you will become physically bigger, stronger, and faster. Not only does judo produce tremendous gains in overall physical and athletic ability; but as a judo student, you will learn a variety of techniques in order to throw your opponent to the ground with force, speed and control.

You will also learn the fundamental principles and the dynamics of subduing your opponents on the ground through the application of pinning and submission techniques.

Your prowess both on the ground and on your feet, combined with the considerable basic physical fitness gained from regular judo practice, affords you with a considerable repertoire of techniques, skills, knowledge, and abilities. These, in turn, allow you to be excellent athletes, with a sound physical base of fundamental skills and formidable and imposing opponents in competition.

Beyond the development of athletic ability, you will learn how to control your feelings, emotions, and impulses. Gain an understanding about perseverance, respect, loyalty, and discipline and develop an outstanding work ethic, as well as important social manners and etiquette.

You will overcome fears and show courage under pressure, through competition and the rigors of regular practice, you will learn about justice and fairness.

Through your experience you will learn about politeness, modesty and many other values that contribute to your development as successful, contributing citizens of the community.




I started doing Judo because I had a sedentary job and was getting out of shape. I wanted to find something that was fun and useful, Judo was perfect. Since I started Judo two years ago, I've gotten into really good shape, have had a lot of fun and feel more confident. It's a great group of people who come to Kokoro Judo and I have made some good friends.

Judo helps me forget about work stress and at the end of a good Judo session you feel more alive and capable of handling things.

I would tell anyone interested in Judo, to give it a try. It's a practical thing to learn, its good for self defence, you will get fit if you do it regularly and there is a great social element to it as well.




After learning a little about Judo from a friend, I was interested to find classes for my kids to attend. Since starting with Kokoro Judo, I have found not only has their physical well-being improved, but surprisingly, it has also boosted their confidence in social settings, as they have gained new skills and experiences through the practice of Judo.

Judo is a fantastic martial art that imparts great physical fitness, without the need for kicking/punching/striking techniques. As a parent, I felt it difficult to justify telling my kids "don't hit your brother/sister", to then take them to a Martial Arts class where they were encouraged to hit each other. My kids' safety is always an important consideration during classes, and at Kokoro Judo, emphasis is placed on not only how to perform techniques, but also how to safely receive them on the mats (ie. how to fall safely). These skills also translate well to the world outside of Judo, helping to prevent or minimize injury in many real-life situations. I highly recommend their kids programs, it’s been great for our family.




I had not been very physically active in the past, but inspired by the fun my kids were having, I decided to give it a go myself shortly after my kids started. The club has been incredibly supportive on my journey, and I have found the experience to be very rewarding. My fitness level and physical appearance have dramatically improved, and I now have a new lease on life, enabling me to better keep up with my young family, and help guide them to a happier, healthier future.

I have no hesitation in recommending Kokoro Judo to anyone interested in trying out Judo, or a martial art in general. It's a great sport, the club is a very helpful and inviting, and the coaching is second to none!


John Windle

John Windle

We chose Judo as a sport because it provides significant physical conditioning and reasonable social interaction which our computer loving son needs. We come to Kokoro Judo because Raph seems genuinely interested in all the kids, not just the ones who are good at the sport. He seems to have unlimited patience with the kids and instills in the group that trying your best is what counts. We also know that training under Raph our son could take Judo as far as he wants to. We also love the atmosphere in the dojo during training as all the other parents are pleasant and we can chat or not as we like.

John Windle

Greg Hayden

Through judo, our son is learning the importance of commitment, dedication, first time listening and respect. As parents we noticed right away what he was learning at judo was carrying over at home too. Raph brings a great balance of fun, patience and discipline to every class and we are very pleased with our decision to join Kokoro Judo and know that it has made a great impact on the character building and athletic ability of our son - Greg and Cristal

Greg Hayden

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