Get JudoFIT With a Fun, Dynamic Fitness Class Based on The Principles of Olympic Judo!

If you are looking for a whole body workout to consistently increase your cardio, strength and endurance levels, then nothing is more successful at helping you reach your health and fitness goals than our exciting JudoFIT classes.

With so many different fitness classes on the market all claiming to transform your body, it can be difficult to choose one that meets all your requirements and will keep you continually motivated throughout.

At Kokoro, we have the great fortune of having an Olympic and Commonwealth Games athlete as our main instructor and Coach Raff’s training experience has been utilised to create a fun and functional fitness class like no other.

Developed using the core training principles of Judo, the class is designed to reflect the techniques and movements used throughout this Olympic sport.


Judo is a self defence sport and one of very few martial arts that provides a pathway to the Olympics. While you may not have even considered Judo in a competitive manner, our competition judo classes are for those who want to step out of their comfort zone, have realised they have a complete passion for it or who’s dream it has always been to compete in the great games.

Head coach Jean-Claude Raphael’s competition judo classes teaches the core training principles of Judo, to formulate classes that are disciplined, intensive and rigorous. He puts in the same attention to detail and focus in these classes as he does to his own training which led him to being a world class athlete and Olympian. There is no better competition coach and you can be sure you’ll get the most out of each and every lesson.

If you’ve got the heart, the skill and the commitment, then you will be chosen to be a part of the Kokoro Judo Coaching Competitive Judo Team!


Get 4 Weeks Classes For Just $39.95 (Valued at $80)

JudoFIT includes a mix of strength, cardio and dynamic routines that will:

  • Target the legs, chest, back, arms and shoulders to strengthen and tone the entire body
  • Improve your core strength
  • Help with your flexibility, mobility and agility
  • Increase your fitness levels and stamina
  • Improve speed and endurance

Suitable for all sizes and fitness levels, JudoFIT takes the fitness elements of the sport, removes the combat and throwing elements so you can use it to as a introduction to Judo, to supplement your current Judo classes or to try something unique and proven to work.

It couldn't be easier to take part. You’ll meet the instructor and be introduced to the techniques, drills and moves step by step. You don’t even need a Judo uniform. Just come in your workout/sports clothes and be ready to have fun and leave feeling excited for the next class!




I started doing Judo because I had a sedentary job and was getting out of shape. I wanted to find something that was fun and useful, Judo was perfect. Since I started Judo two years ago, I've gotten into really good shape, have had a lot of fun and feel more confident. It's a great group of people who come to Kokoro Judo and I have made some good friends.

Judo helps me forget about work stress and at the end of a good Judo session you feel more alive and capable of handling things.

I would tell anyone interested in Judo, to give it a try. It's a practical thing to learn, its good for self defence, you will get fit if you do it regularly and there is a great social element to it as well.




After learning a little about Judo from a friend, I was interested to find classes for my kids to attend. Since starting with Kokoro Judo, I have found not only has their physical well-being improved, but surprisingly, it has also boosted their confidence in social settings, as they have gained new skills and experiences through the practice of Judo.

Judo is a fantastic martial art that imparts great physical fitness, without the need for kicking/punching/striking techniques. As a parent, I felt it difficult to justify telling my kids "don't hit your brother/sister", to then take them to a Martial Arts class where they were encouraged to hit each other. My kids' safety is always an important consideration during classes, and at Kokoro Judo, emphasis is placed on not only how to perform techniques, but also how to safely receive them on the mats (ie. how to fall safely). These skills also translate well to the world outside of Judo, helping to prevent or minimize injury in many real-life situations. I highly recommend their kids programs, it’s been great for our family.




I had not been very physically active in the past, but inspired by the fun my kids were having, I decided to give it a go myself shortly after my kids started. The club has been incredibly supportive on my journey, and I have found the experience to be very rewarding. My fitness level and physical appearance have dramatically improved, and I now have a new lease on life, enabling me to better keep up with my young family, and help guide them to a happier, healthier future.

I have no hesitation in recommending Kokoro Judo to anyone interested in trying out Judo, or a martial art in general. It's a great sport, the club is a very helpful and inviting, and the coaching is second to none!


John Windle

John Windle

We chose Judo as a sport because it provides significant physical conditioning and reasonable social interaction which our computer loving son needs. We come to Kokoro Judo because Raph seems genuinely interested in all the kids, not just the ones who are good at the sport. He seems to have unlimited patience with the kids and instills in the group that trying your best is what counts. We also know that training under Raph our son could take Judo as far as he wants to. We also love the atmosphere in the dojo during training as all the other parents are pleasant and we can chat or not as we like.

John Windle

Greg Hayden

Through judo, our son is learning the importance of commitment, dedication, first time listening and respect. As parents we noticed right away what he was learning at judo was carrying over at home too. Raph brings a great balance of fun, patience and discipline to every class and we are very pleased with our decision to join Kokoro Judo and know that it has made a great impact on the character building and athletic ability of our son - Greg and Cristal

Greg Hayden

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